Friday the 13th Blues: Here's the Cure

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It's probably best to stay away from any broken mirrors or step ladders today -- after all it is Friday the 13th.

However, we'd encourage you to take some time out of this most dreaded day and reflect on the possible root of such fear.

Ever consider the fact that you might have a condition known as triskaidekaphobia-- or in other words a fear of the number 13?

You might want to consult a doctor for that because if left untreated triskaidekaphobia may lead to paraskevidekatriaphobia. That's right, a fear of Friday the 13th.

In case your physician called out for the day (what a wimp), all we can think of as a possible cure is just some good old fashioned exposure therapy.

Just sit back and count to 13 as you scroll through these facts:

You are not alone. President Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered from Triskaidekaphobia. He refused to travel on the 13th day of any month and would not host dinner parties with 13 guests. Makes sense. You know as they say, "Thirteen's a crowd."

Tupac Shakur and Julia Child died on Friday the 13th.

However, Fidel Castro, Christopher Plummer, Steve Buscemi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the Olsen Twins and Darius Rucker from Hootie & the Blowfish were all born on Friday the 13th. How's that for a dinner party, Mr. President?

Contrary to popular belief, Friday the 13th is generally a lucky day for Wall Street according to FOXBusiness. There's something admittedly fishy about that last sentence. Can't quite figure it out.

Feel better? You can breathe a sigh of relief and consider yourself cured! Go ahead and pet that black cat while you open that umbrella indoors Mary Poppins-style.
Turn your triskaidekaphobia into a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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