Comics Not Ready for Lesbian Marriage? Batwoman's Wedding is Off


It looks like Batwoman and her longtime girlfriend/fiancee Maggie Sawyer won't make it to the altar after all. Hopefully it's not too late to return that hers and hers golf club set.

DC Comics rejected the would-be groundbreaking storyline earlier this week, according to Yahoo! Finance. As a result, co-writers J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman split from the series, citing that the discarded plot prohibits the series from moving forward.

The abrupt departure comes in the wake of recent monumental strides toward marriage equality that have found their way into the far-flying and KABOOM! butt-kicking world of superhero comics.

Just last summer an off-duty Green Lantern made headlines after he was spotted canoodling with his main squeeze Sam. So much for his hetero-marriage to the villainous Harlequin and their two kids.

Not to be outdone, X-Men member and Marvel superhero Northstar put a ring on it and married his dapper partner, Kyle Jinadu. Wolverine was among those in attendance at the tasteful outdoor wedding.

This then begs the question: Why all the opposition to Batwoman's wedded bliss? After all, both DC and Williams explained that their creative differences had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the characters.

Michael Rawley, a shop-runner at comic book store Isotope, says that it's all part of a recent trend that sees superheroes -- gay or straight -- struggle to find a balance between their domestic life and otherworldly duties.

"There's a stigma toward superhero characters being married," says Rawley. It's unfortunate he says and the evidence suggests that Batwoman's intended marriage to Maggie Sawyer is doomed anyway.

Superman and Lois Lane filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage. Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson called it quits after 20. In some cases the spouses fare worse and are killed off completely or abandoned in a different timeline far, far away and forgotten.

"It's a shame" says Rawley of DC's decision to nix Batwoman's marriage storyline. "They [Williams and Blackman] were so brilliant with that character."

However, the decision probably works in favor of Batwoman's beloved anyway. Poor Sam died while on board an ill-fated train shortly after the Green Lantern's proposal. So much for fireworks.

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Adam Kowarsh
Adam Kowarsh

Fuck that. Isn't there like the green lantern or someone that 'came out of the closet? Kind of a drag when they make the cool superhero gay, and keep batman and robin straight. Thought they'd take the bullet. Out of character for many, but oh well.

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