Link Round Up: Cool Things we Found on the Internet This Week

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Happy Friday! Have a look at what we're reading, viewing, and gawking at on the internet.

You don't need to say goodbye, the western span of the Bay Bridge is hanging around. (Buzzfeed)

This San Francisco house is pretty badass. The garage door is cooler than our whole apartment. (Dwell)

Did you know Martin Luther King Jr. won a Grammy? Here are 20 interesting facts about him. (Today I Found Out)

Do you really speak San Franciscan? Check out this dialect quiz. (Rstudio)

While many tattoos are tasteful, here are five Lil Wayne tattoos that are pretty bad. Also, some people might regret the tattoos they got in the early 2000s, those nautical stars are looking pretty dated. (Vice)

Have a great holiday weekend, see you on Tuesday!

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Edward Coffman
Edward Coffman

that's cause you are not from the city and haven't been around long enough to notice AND have an iq to match summer in SF!

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