Top 5 Animal-Lover Airbnb Listings: And it Comes With a Pet

Airbnb started in San Francisco several years ago, and now it has people renting out their homes and properties in over 19,000 cities around the globe. It has booked millions of nights of stays in places all over the world. So, here at SF Weekly, we are bringing you some of the most unique, beautiful, quirky and outlandish Airbnb listings we can find in the City by the Bay. Below is the list for this week:


Blinded by the Yellow Light: While you're squeezing in your chin ups or morning yoga, try not to get distracted by the bright lemon colored walls. Although the color yellow is thought to create a sense of happiness and energy, the bedrooms walls in this Cole Valley apartment are so bright, they may still shine with the lights off. Luckily for you, two adorable, "well-behaved and super quiet" pups are sure to bring you happiness only a man's, or woman's best friend can, sans bright-yellow paint.


Old Victorian, Art You Can't Understand: If you're the kind of person who enjoys the fancier things in life, this renovated Victorian in San Francisco's Mission District is both spacious and sophisticated, and comes with a ton of wall art that many may never understand. Their two small, 10-year-old Dachshunds probably understand the art, being sophisticated hounds and all, so make them your friends and you'll be an art enthusiast in no time.


Don't Break the Blue Vase: This Corbett Heights condo has a fantastic view of the East Bay, two floors of modern, San Francisco architecture, and TJ, the dog with rave reviews. Reviewers say he's sweet, kind and friendly, most definitely the best amenity to the place. However, just like a scene out of Risky Business, there's a very pricey blue vase sitting on the mantel. So, while you're playing catch with TJ, be sure to not break the vase, then hire a prostitute, then start a lucrative business with the prostitute to try and repair the vase. It's not a replaceable vase.

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