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We're always on the hunt for fresh local fashion, but today's trip to the sky matching, slate-grey Union Square served up some typical news. One, that the square is populated almost exclusively by tourists; two, that nobody knows where they got their scarf, because, c'mon, no one buys scarves for themselves.

Catch up with some of the nicest non San Franciscans in the Bay Area before they leave for Finland, or Japan, or Las Vegas, or wherever the heck they're from:

Kirk Visola


Age: 36
From: Central Valley, CA
Job: Freelance graphic designer
Where'd you get your scarf?
It was a gift. I have three [scarves,] but this is the go-to.
On a real summer day, what would you be wearing?
Shorts, Toms, t-shirt and definitely sunglasses. This isn't a real summer day, though, that's unlikely here. It's San Francisco.

Miki Matsuno


Age: 38
Job: Assistant at Vidal Sassoon.
Home: Japan
You sound French.
Yes, I hear that all the time. I learn English from my roommate at school in San Diego, a girl from Geneva. Every time people ask me, are you from France? I can't hear it.
Where'd you get your scarf?
From my mom.
On a real summer day, what would you be wearing?
I would go to the mountains, the ones with Sequoias, and swim. I would wear cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat, not meant to be hiking clothes. I like to be unexpected.

Heini Kangasluoma


Age: 28
Home: Helsinki, Finland
Job: Journalist
What are you up to in S.F.?
I'm on a road trip with my boyfriend and one other couple. We were in L.A., San Diego, and tomorrow we're going to Miami. It's been fun.
Where'd you get your scarf?
A chain store in Finland.
It's awesome.
You know, I've gotten a lot of people coming up to me and telling me that. I like it, it brightens up my day when I wear it, because it is, you know.
On a real summer day, what would you be wearing?
A skirt, but I should wear something underneath; it's so windy here! I didn't think it would be this cold, but I have lots of clothes for cold weather, I'm not in shorts like other tourists I've seen. [Laughs] It's weird, it feels like Finland.

Trevor Wilson


Age: 58
Home: Australia
So you're from Australia. Are you disappointed in the weather here?
Nah, it's just chilly.
Where'd you get your scarf?
I think it was a gift. Gotta run!

Santina Delligatta


Age 32
Home: Claremont, CA
Job:Teacher at Rancho Cucamonga Middle School
Where'd you get your scarf?
It was a gift from my sister-in-law. The funny thing is, I didn't think I'd wear it, but when I go to San Francisco I wear it all the time.
On a real summer day, what would you be wearing?
A sundress with spaghetti straps, a little ruffle in the front, tailored at the waist and coming down to mid-thigh. A bright orange color, because I usually have a summer tan.

Stephanie Andrade


Age: 37
Job: Sales and marketing at Personality Hotels
Home: Germany
Where'd you get your scarf?
A present from my mother. It's real cashmere.
On a real summer day, what would you be wearing?
I'd be wearing a nice dress, and cute shoes, not boots. Hopefully my scarf would be in my purse [laughs].

Ayako Dilbeck


Age: 37
Home: Japan, but currently in Milwaukee
Job: Marketing and sales at Thai company
What are you up to in San Francisco?
Visiting my mother-in-law.
Where'd you get your scarf?
A street vendor in Thailand.
On a real summer day, what would you be wearing?
Summer dress, flip-flops. The weather isn't too bad here, though -- it's nicer than Milwaukee!

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