Nicholas Cage meets Disney Princesses on the Internet, of Course

As some of you may know, Nicholas Cage is a California native: He hails from Long Beach, the land of bros and boards. And if you've tracked Cage's career since, you're well aware of the traveling he's done, from the secret stacks at the Library of Congress to a fiery, apocalyptic Hell/green screen of death. Now he just wants to be where the people are.

Photo Credit Jen Lewis / Buzzfeed

Enter one of the greatest thing we've ever seen on Buzzfeed: Nicholas Cage's head, immortalized in various cartoon portraits of well-known Disney princesses. Pretty much every princess gets a Nicholas Cage makeover, from a ruffly-dressed Pocahontas to a stern, pensive Mulan. It's the most epic Internet phenomenon since this.

Thus is the absurdity of Disney princesses' body proportions measured against the greater absurdity that is Nicholas Cage.

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