Craigslist Missed Connections of the Week: Pinocchio Fixations, BART Nostalgia, and More


Of Craiglist's many valuable services, perhaps the most important is the Missed Connections. Some can be as simple as a quick description of a person and a setting, and an explanation of how the poster would like to meet up again. Some can be more convoluted, with directions, pictures, maps, and even a secret code or two. And some are painful yawps aimed at the entire universe, decrying the sad events that befall the emotionally over-available. Below are some of our favorite Missed Connections, culled from San Francisco's Craigslist:

In search of a person to get weird with...


We've never heard of this kind of Pinocchio obsession, but apparently this young broadcaster really needs a fix.

The Dyke March provides endless, or at least three, opportunities for potential hookups...


Sounds like the pincher may have been looking for a pinch hitter.

Ahh, straight love at the pride parade...


The Pride parade and related festivities seem to bring out the lover in everyone who attends them, and this odd couple is no different. How about a nun and a calendar boy?



Is part of standard hang-gliding training how to spot dogs from the sky?

The BART strike isn't just making it hard for people to get to work...


Apparently it's also making it difficult to watch people and wonder who has done what on those sometimes oh-so-nasty train cars.

Let us know which one of this week's top five you liked the best. More to come every week.

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