Classifinds: Everything You Need to Start a (Mini) Farm

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You never know what you'll find on Craigslist, but each week we'll dive into the endless listings of classified ads to uncover the best, the worst, and the weirdest that fellow San Franciscans are selling, missing, or wanting.

Summer can be harsh in San Francisco, so this week we're showing you all you'd need to start a hobby farm in the warm reaches of the rolling golden hills surrounding our foggy city. Tempting isn't it? That is until you realize everything closes at 8 p.m. and you have to drive everywhere. Even so, check out these Craigslist finds for your new farm.

A good stink
All good farms run on poop. Good poop. And to get your vegetable garden going and grow award winning carrots, you better get on this. Heck it's free! Go get some now.


Futuristic greenhouse
Speaking of your vegetable garden, mornings can be chilly out there in the countryside, so you best be getting one of these. Your budding plants will have a chance in this cool, geodesic dome that seems very Flaming Lips-esque. We're sure the neighbors will complain about it's size and shape, oh except you don't have any neighbors close by because you live out in the country. Score.


Henny Penny
Fresh eggs are all the rage. Urban hipster farmers, Martha Stewart, any who's anybody in the farming world has a few chickens. So here are two lovely hens to get you started. We owned chickens before (hello, Petaluma!) so we can attest to the fact they're mellow birds, who just eat bugs and kick up some dirt and leaves and give you an egg every morning just for letting them live in your yard.


Teeny chicken house
So you'll need a place to house your chickens. If you're not feeling handy with chicken wire and a saw, there's a bunch for sale on Craigslist, because like we said everyone has chickens now. Just make sure the coop is sturdy, otherwise a skunk will break in and eat your chickens (true story!).


Natural Lawnmower
While they're not the fainting goats, they'll still mow your property. All goats are kind of like the ones you've come across as the petting zoo -- they don't really care about you unless you've got handful of pellets.


Lawn Ornaments
And you'll definitely want your new homestead to look like farm. And heck you now have a yard, a sprawling yard full of endless space! So why not plunk an old plow in the middle of it? (You'd be surprised at the amount of non working farm equipment is for sale on Craigslist.)


There you have it, your starter farm! Now, go find a plot of land.

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