Craigslist Missed Connections of the Week: Firefighters, Pizza Bulges, and the Robot Apocalypse

Just Missed That Special Someone?

Of Craiglist's many valuable services, perhaps the most important is the Missed Connections.

Some can be as simple as a quick description of a person and a setting, and an explanation of how the poster would like to meet up again. Some can be more convoluted, with directions, pictures, maps, and even a secret code or two.

And some are painful yawps aimed at the entire universe, decrying the sad events that befall the emotionally over-available.

Below are some of our favorite Missed Connections, culled from San Francisco's Craigslist:

Shoeless and in plaid? This woman has found her Hobo King:


Meanwhile, a family of four burns to death:


Hopefully he bought extra batteries:


This post is mostly straightforward, but also adds a touch of mystery by hiding clues in the title. (Hint: He's talking about S-E-X. Or else F-O-C-A... F-O-C-C-A-T... however you spell "focaccia."):


Some of these scenarios are positively adorable. But the number one Meet Cute in San Francisco this week is:


Let us know which one of this week's top five you liked the best. More to come every week.

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