Craigslist Missed Connections of the Week: Inappropriate Comments, Old Fashioned Spite, and Injuries

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Of Craiglist's many valuable services, perhaps the most important is the Missed Connections. Some can be as simple as a quick description of a person and a setting, and an explanation of how the poster would like to meet up again. Some can be more convoluted, with directions, pictures, maps, and even a secret code or two. And some are painful yawps aimed at the entire universe, decrying the sad events that befall the emotionally over-available. Below are some of our favorite Missed Connections, culled from San Francisco's Craigslist:

There Aren't Many Raiders Enthusiasts in SF...


Even less of those enthusiasts are seen wearing the denim jumpsuit look, which, according to this poster, should NOT be confused with overalls.

This guy was so ready to find his Missed Connection he forgot the importance of grammar and spelling.


Ah, love. The affliction whose feelings will make us do all sorts of crazy things, including typing a love note without spell checking it. Unless this jumble is some new code of bar speak that we're not yet keen to.

Screeeech! BAM! I think I'm in love.


Every guy knows that letting cute girls get away with a little too much is just part and parcel of accepting your gender. Is it possible this guy and his friend went too far? Not if she responds.

We've all been drunk before...


And we've all said something, possibly even repeatedly, to a person we were interested in at the party last night. Hey, apologies go a long way, right?

Everyone loves a spiteful posting on the Internet. Y'know, because they're so...rare.


This serves as one of those great Missed Connections that allows for a bit of mystery and intrigue. It invites the reader to fill in the blanks with myriad circumstances and situations that could have led to the poster wishing sagginess and wrinkles on their intended target.

Let us know which one of this week's top five you liked the best. More to come every week.

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