Classifinds: Craigslist is My Interior Decorator

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You never know what you'll find on Craigslist, but each week we'll dive into the endless listings of classified ads to uncover the best, the worst, and the weirdest that fellow San Franciscans are selling, missing, or wanting.

We've all had that moment -- walking the endless mock-housing spaces of Ikea when all of a sudden we realize we can't possibly live without that spatula/rug/dining table any longer. We didn't even know we needed a new spatula until we saw the glistening handle of that plastic masterpiece. And now, we've uncovered some apartment staples on Craigslist that for a select few, will be very hard to pass up:

Vintage saint with a middle finger:
Only $10 and it looks like he's blessing you and flipping you off. Can it get any better? Whether you're reading Who Moved My Cheese? or War and Peace, we imagine the glow from this saintly light won't be creepy at all.


Rad I-can-draw-that poster:
In case you forgot what seven (apparently there's only seven) mythological creatures look like, check out these junior high school drawings made into a "fact sheet" poster. Please take note that the experts who made this piece of art still can't confirm what a mermaid's face looks like.


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Phallic hat rack:
At two feet tall, this is definitely a focal piece for any living room. Of course, the seller also notes it's not merely a work of art: "Makes a great hat holder too!" (We're not sure why someone from Florida would deem San Francisco the right market for this piece, or how you'd ship it exactly, but heck, we're intrigued!)


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