Classifinds: Last Minute Father's Day Gifts on Craigslist

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You never know what you'll find on Craigslist, but each week we'll dive into the endless listings of classified ads to uncover the best, the worst, and the weirdest that fellow San Franciscans are selling, missing, or wanting.

Sunday is Father's Day, and why not give Pops something a little more unique than a Hallmark card and cheesy Kiss-the-Chef apron?

This edition of Craigslist finds culls together the best of the oddest gifts for any Dad, whether he's into sports, cooking, interior design or the outdoors.

An original piece of art (carved by spoon!) for the Dad who loves sports, history, and criminals:


For the Dad who loves beer, lamps, and beer as lamp:


We all know those dads, the ones who turn a weary eye on all things tech, who swear their fingers are too big and clumsy for iPhone screens -- well, here's a gift for that old-school guy:


This is a pricey gift ($1800!) for the Dad who likes his wood petrified, and there are two available -- perfect for a set of very heavy bookends:


It's a not-uncommon dream: quitting the 9-to-5 grind job and opening a place of your own. Answering to no boss. Thanks to an unusual ad, that can be a gift for Dad. Asking price is $180,000. But, it comes with a beer and wine license:


Soccer is the "world's sport" and this is the gift for the Dad who longs to embrace his inner Ronaldinho. The full set includes matching crew socks, visor, tank and jersey. ¡Ole!


There's definitely something to be said about recycling and reusing. Here's a great gift for the Dad who is eco-friendly and is missing the entire interior part of his car. Or, maybe he's planning on building one a la Johnny Cash-- one piece at a time:


Ever hear the incredible myth of the illusive, rare Billy Beer? It was first released in the '70s and this is the perfect present for the Dad who still thinks it means something. Or, maybe just for a Dad named Billy:


So there you go, some off-beat gifts for Dads. Hey, you're the one who waited this long to get him something. And who wouldn't want one of a kind artwork like the one (allegedly) carved with a spoon in San Quentin?

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