Top 5 Out of the Ordinary Airbnb Listings: Moose Heads, Skeeball and a Yacht


Airbnb started in San Francisco several years ago, and now it has people renting out their homes and properties in over 19,000 cities around the globe. It has booked millions of nights of stays in places all over the world. So, here at SF Weekly, we are bringing you some of the most unique, beautiful, quirky, outlandish and expensive Airbnb listings we can find in the City by the Bay. Below is the list for this week:


Lets Skip Sleep and Play Skeeball: Sure, this Mission fab pad has all the makings of a pretty successful Airbnb listing: Comfortable bed, clean facilities, fast WiFi, and plenty of street parking in a neighborhood with grocery stores, bars and coffee shops all nearby. But the two-time national Skeeball champion host, Joey, also ices the cake by allowing his guests to play nearly unlimited Skeeball for free during their stay. Consider it booked.


Kind of Space-y: Why stay in a boring, posh, luxury appointed apartment on the seafront in SOMA when you could stay in this space-themed studio in the same location? You can sleep under the watchful eye of a silver space man. The spot is hosted by a self-described "fun-loving Psychoanalyst" who also doubles as an Ethnoarchaeologist (whatever that means). The bathroom is decidedly African styled, however; so you can break away from your space exploration with a quick solo safari.


Moose Head, Etruscan Chess Figurines, and a Well-Stocked Fridge: Hey, the whole reason you're on Airbnb is to find something more unique than a hotel, right? So come stay in this Russian Hill loft, where instead of blank countertops inside a bland hotel kitchenette, you'll find a stuffed moose head named Elmer, half melted candle décor, and an antique chess set with Etruscan modeled figurines. And to top it off, Joe the host, will throw in some champagne and a ride to the airport. He also wants you to know that "Michael Douglas lived here while filming Streets of San Francisco in the seventies."


Art Murals, Bright Colors, and a Fridge Full of Books: Are you a non-smoking corporate executive? What about an urban hipster? Well, Alexandra thinks you'll love her SOMA Euro-pop loft, that comes with seemingly non-connecting themes like a fifties style diner booth serving as a breakfast nook, and a modern surfing bedroom. Also, above the sink you'll find nearly 50 bottles of assorted hot sauce; the essentials, ya know?


Dock Yourself For the Night: Who the hell needs dry land? No one, that's who, you stinkin' landlubber! Captain Josh has a 43-foot yacht with a private head where you can get down to your skivvies. If you're shy, he promises not to peek. Plus, the sound of the sea lions barking might help you get into the mood. Reviewers recommend using the toilets at pier 39 for your "big business," however. Does that match the cut of your jib?

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