New Gutzy Clothing Line Says It Will Get You Laid

Take a stance with your single self -- get Gutzy and get laid.
As with so many modern innovations (butt-plugs, cellphones, Google glass) we're excited (and terrified) by the implications of Arizona entrepreneur Kari Holt's new Gutzy brand.

Gutzy, "meet-me" wear -- a clothing line for women and men -- is designed to broadcast your single status, letting other romantically untethered people know that you're available ... and most importantly, approachable.

According to, there are 54 million, sad-sack, single people in the United States and seemingly not many people can get their shit together enough to couple up, even if only for the night.

With Gutzy, you no longer have to wonder if someone is free and fuckable. Forget the bar, the grocery store, yoga class, or even dating sites -- now you can live your life silently emanating throbbing levels of date-me pheromones with a tricky little t-shirt (tank or "active wear" also available) emblazoned with a pink or white "g."

Oh, and did we mention there's also a "missed opportunity" element in case that breast-y blond you eyed across the coffee shop was too busy with her latte to notice your coquettish glances? (Or "g" t-shirt?)

"I'm sure you've noticed that society just doesn't interact that much anymore," says Holt in her Kickstarter video. "And due to our busy schedules and technologies it seems that we're always doing something behind our computers or SmartPhones."

Fret not. You can purchase an email connection code -- so someone can write down your number (or you can write down theirs), enter it on the Gutzy website, attach a (misleading) yet attractive photo and say "hi."

Who knows, that might even lead to an in-person meeting.

Who says romance is dead?

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