Where's the Nicest Potty in S.F.?

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We'd be more competitive if the contest focused on "worst restrooms"
Cintas, an Ohio-based corporation that specializes in bathroom supplies, is hosting its annual Bowl Game contest, honoring the very best restroom in the nation. Know the best place to go when you gotta go?

As a city of over-achievers, we'll settle for nothing less than no. 1; we've already received the dubious honors of being America's sluttiest city and the city with the most sugar daddies per capita. But this time we're aiming high, attempting to take the title as the city with the most appealing place to pee and poop.

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Obviously, we're working with some disadvantages when BART escalators and city sidewalks count as public bathrooms. Then of course, there's the restrooms over at City Hall that are famous for being the place to snap photos of Supervisor Scott Wiener's, ahem, namesake.

We're assuming some of the city's posh hotels would be decent contenders in this wash room contest. We're challenging our wealthier citizens to sneak into the lobbies of the Sir Francis Drake, The W, and other ritzy venues to document their own restroom experience, for contest purposes only.

Cintas is accepting best restroom nominations on its website, but you can also keep tabs on the contest via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, perhaps most disturbingly, YouTube.

Before you march into your own bathroom and upload a picture of your gleaming tub to Instagram, keep in mind that the contest is only open to non-residential bathrooms that are accessible to the public. Also, Cintas notes, "entries will be judged on cleanliness, visual appeal, innovation, functionality and unique design elements."

The top 10 nominees will be revealed in August followed by online voting that will determine which bathroom is allowed to join Cintas' Hall of Fame. Last year's winner was located in Texas (don't they still use outhouses there?).

So go forth, dear readers, and scour our fair city for the best washrooms it has to offer. We wish you luck, and a strong stomach.

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Lily Janiak
Lily Janiak

I have long desired an app for this. It could lay out bathrooms as a map and tell you whether each is public or quasi-public, how clean, etc. The public bathroom at the Presidio Main Post Lawn is outstanding. Super clean, modern -- dare I say hip?

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