San Francisco Is a City Full of Virgins, Survey Says

And there are those who have no other choice but to wait, that pseudo-scientific conductor of sexy and creepy studies is at it again. Previously, the dating company deemed San Francisco the nation's sugar daddy capital. Now, the sex researchers over there have determined that S.F. women aren't that sexually experienced after all. In fact, according to its most recent study, 1 out of every 10 San Francisco women are still virgins.

Seeking Arrangement, a dating service that pairs sugar daddies with sugar babies, surveyed 5,498 of their local female members about their virginity, and learned that compared to the national average, San Francisco women tend to wait longer before having sex.

Census data from 2011 shows there are 399,710 women in San Francisco; if the study is accurate (you aren't the only doubtful ones out there), then that means there are some 40,000 virgins walking around in San Francisco.

The survey concluded that most women (women who belong to the site, that is) say 19 years old is the ideal age to first have sex. That's not that prude when you consider that the rest of the nation's women, generally, are losing their virginity at 18 years old.

The survey results, which appear to be a thinly veiled attempt to get new members signed up (and laid), sorta suggest that if you're an old dude with more money than dates, sign up RIGHT NOW, and you might get get to hook up with a 19-year-old virgin.

Gross motives yet intriguing results, especially considering the fact that not too long ago we were deemed a city full of sluts. Perhaps that means that once San Francisco women do decide to have sex, they love it so much that they just can't stop.

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Haha, wow.. and to think I lost mine at the age of 15.. I guess I am a slut.  Honestly, now that I am pushing close to 40.. I can't say that I even care too much about sex anymore.  I guess after 20 years of utter disappoint in the female gender will do that to you.  I think a lot of this has to do with the very high Asian population.  Asian girls who are not assimilated into US culture, and still live with their parents at the age of 25.. are probably all virgins.  Or that's what daddy would like you to think!


maybe some people don't want to  catch a life threatening disease as a result of an encounter with someone for whom its here and now


gays having sex with females? That's why they are virgins ?!That's why there are so many fags in SF!!

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