The Best Bay Area Neighborhoods for Singles


Are you without a "ring on it" this Valentine's Day? If so, it might not be because this city is notoriously difficult to date in or because of your 4chan habits. It might be that you're in the wrong neighborhood.

Real estate company Trulia recently crunched some numbers on the best places to find love in major metropolitan areas, including the Bay Area, and the results may surprise you.

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If you're a single lady searching for a single fella, the highest ratio of men to women is in the Tenderloin (94102), and if you're a single fella looking for a lady, you should head to the Marina (94123).

Trulia came to this conclusion by filtering out gays, people over 65, and people with roommates, which leaves about seven people, by our estimations. If straight ladies aren't wild about trolling for tang in the 'loin, (and really, we think that men there probably don't have roommates because of the proliferation of SROs and such, and not because they're making hella scrilla) then they should head on over to SOMA, which also has a high concentration of single dudes, busily churning out start-ups and sighing into their lattes, we imagine. Unsurprisingly for both the Marina and SOMA, the neighborhoods with the highest concentration of straight, single people with no roommates is in more upscale areas.

Also, would you look at the blinding pink mecca that is Marin? Yeesh. It's time to make a trip up north for some artisinal cheese, if you know what we mean (and we think you do: Cheese is delicious). Likewise, women should head way south on the peninsula to get the bluest of blue ball action (nice baby color-coding, Trulia). We suppose it's called "Man Jose" for a reason.

Also notable is that nine of the 10 U.S. metros with the highest ratio of women to men are on the east coast, except for one: Oakland. (East Bay represent!)

Now that you've got your V-Day pub crawl route planned, why don't you check out our other Valentine's Day coverage?

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