Local Etsy of the Week: Magical Unicorns and Garlic Apology Cards

unicorn card.jpg
Emma SanCartier Illustration

With a thriving creative community, it's unsurprising that San Francisco's craftspeople and artists have also taken to the Internet to promote and sell their creations. Etsy alone is home to thousands of handmade products, many hailing from the Bay Area. However, the result is often like a thrift store -- it can require a lot of time and patience to pick through a lot of crap (or more importantly, overpriced crap) to find the really well-crafted gems. So in order to take the guesswork out of your valiant attempts to support artists, here is your weekly dose of shops by locals.

One such store is by Emma SanCartier, who sells her charming watercolor illustrations in prints, cards, and originals. The shop features truly magical birthday cards (my birthday is in November, in case anyone was wondering), anglerfish love cards, and imaginative paintings that are not only lovely, but also affordable (with cards going for $4.50 plus shipping).

angler fish.jpg
Emma SanCartier Illustration

Making an honorable mention for adorable cards is the shop of Katy Atchison. Even though the art of card giving is all but lost, these sweet greeting cards and corny apology cards may help stage a comeback.

Katy Atchison

It's probably overly wishful thinking that San Francisco is going to singlehandly bring back handwritten letters and become the card capital of the world, but it can't hurt to try, and these two Etsy shops are helping to pave the way.


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Thanks for the mention! It's one of my all time favorite cards of mine - always makes me LOLz and smile ear-to-ear.

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