Local Crowdfunded Campaign of the Week: Murals, Queer Embraces, and Karma

At any given point, there are hundreds of San Francisco-based campaigns on funding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Tragically, the volume and quick turnaround often mean that some of these don't meet their fundraising goals, whether they are good ideas or not. This is why we've decided to give a boost to some local campaigns that we've deemed worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Murals are a long-held tradition in San Francisco, and the city is home to hundreds across the various districts. Leadership High School takes this legacy to heart with their now annual Week Without Walls -- a single week where students are outside of the classroom to work on a project alongside professional artists and learn about mural art culture and history. Last year's inaugural piece was such a success that students have requested in return.

So this year, the program is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to sponsor the project. So far, $530 has been pledged of the $1,500 goal. Helping 30 local teens learn local art history and produce a creative piece of public art? The perks in return for donating are modest, but the karma interest rate is probably huge.

Another campaign of note this week is Queer Embraces, a "cross-genre LGBTQ text that explores the role of 'home' in understanding what it means to embrace (and live) a queer life" by Goddard MFA student Kyle Bella. The $2,400 goal goes towards travel and lodging for the multi-city world tour in exploration of how themes of home and belonging tie in to queer identity. While crowdfunding campaigns for thesis work are pretty much a dime a dozen, this is one that is not only unique, but has a clearly well thought-out and introspective approach to the task. Aside from the positive karma collected for helping students achieve their education and career ambitions, perks include exclusive previews of the manuscript.

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