Local Crowdfunded Campaign of the Week: Sexual Health Innovations


At any given point, there are hundreds of San Francisco-based campaigns on funding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo. For those of you who have missed the crowdfunding revolution, here's the lowdown: An individual or organization posts a fundraising campaign to one of these websites. This includes a quantified goal, a description of what they want to do with the money (produce a play, build a community garden, create a start-up), a tiered system of rewards for donors who choose to participate (tickets to an event, the end product, your name on a plaque), and a deadline to come up with the money. Then, hopefully, the pledges start pouring in. Anyone can pledge a certain amount toward their end goal. If they've reached their goal by the end of the allotted time period, they get the money and go make their thing. If they don't meet the goal, no one's credit cards get charged -- it's an all-or-nothing approach.

Tragically, this means that some of these don't meet their fundraising goals, whether they are good ideas or not. This is why we've decided to give a boost to some local campaigns that we've deemed worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Up first this week is the So They Can Know campaign by the nonprofit Sexual Health Innovations. The program runs a website that allows people with STDs to notify their partners through a free anonymous service. With five days left on their campaign, the organization has raised $11,951 of their $25,000 goal. Perks for contributors include condoms (hopefully preventing some people from needing their service), cute underwear, or launch party tickets.

While the obvious goal is to roll up to the Sexual Health Innovation launch party in your cute "consent is sexy" underwear (don't forget to bring your custom condoms to this shindig), if you don't have the dough for that, they'll appreciate whatever you can spare.

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