Etsy of the Week: Longing for Summer

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Etsy is often like a thrift store -- it can require a lot of time and patience to pick through a lot of crap (or more importantly, overpriced crap) to find the really well-crafted gems. In order to take the guesswork out of your valiant attempts to support local artists, each week we provide you with a few awesome shops.

Last week we offered up a series of artists to celebrate love with romantic depictions of sweet, sweet romance. This week we may have gotten a little carried away with all the accessories, but with four shops to choose from, you should be able to find plenty of gifts for your amour or yourself. The recent sunshine has us missing the beach, and it shows in this week's picks.

Sanfranblissco (besides having an awesome name) features hand-crafted earrings made out of various materials including silver, copper, and wood. Choices include looping, graceful pieces inspired by gauged-style hanging earrings (though thin enough for regular pierced ears) and fake gauges. The elegant pieces are both classy and casual, and between the swirls and wings, are perfect for a summer in the city.


Reminiscent of summer in a very different way, dreamsbythesea is a shop dedicated to beach weddings and nautical accessories. The delicate pieces are fairy tale-like, and the gemstone pieces in particular are positively dreamy. Be sure to check out the Labradorite Moonstone Bracelet and the Sea Shell Charm Necklace. Summer is still a long ways off, but there's no reason to not start thinking about the beach now.

Lucy Lo

Lucy Lo's store, All Beta, has a wide array of knotted and rock climbing-inspired accessories, including some maritime pieces. Whether you're a climber or a sailor, there are some really cool bracelets to check out in a variety of colors. These sturdy and affordable pieces use a carabiner, bow shackle, or anchor charm as a clasp to secure the climbing rope-constructed bracelets around your wrist.

It may still be February, but (hopefully) the truly balmy weather will arrive soon (balmy for San Francisco anyway, unless you have a Hawaii trip planned). Until then, these shops can help you hold out through the last of winter.

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