New App "Bang with Friends" Tries to Turn Facebook into Grindr


Tired of playing Words with Friends while your genitals just sit there like a chump? Well, three twentysomething California guys have your back. Or rather, your front. The trio, who are anonymous, created a hookup app called Bang with Friends, which takes your Facebook friend list and turns it into a friends-with-benefits list.

Here's how it works. After you download the app, a screen with your friends of the opposite sex appears with a big button underneath that says "Down to Bang." If you click on that button, and that person has also clicked it on your profile, then you'll receive a notification that you're bang-worthy. Yay, America! If the people you want to bang don't have the app installed or simply don't want to bone you, then no one is the wiser.

Since the app's launch last week, the creators have been scrambling to fix some of the glaring oversights -- no option for queer people, no filter for married people, no filter for your family members, etc. But they claim that over 10,000 hookups have been facilitated so far. Like Katie Heaney over at BuzzFeed, we can't help but think that most of these "hookups" have been people testing the site as a joke and are not in fact using this new-found "freedom" of anonymity to bang their whole social network. The app has also already spawned a parody, Bang with Professionals, which aims to anonymously show you which of your LinkedIn contacts want to, ahem, connect with you.

Anytime a new technology is unveiled, from ham radios to Twitter, someone somewhere will devise a way to have sex with it. But if you really think that getting laid is as easy as pushing a button, then, well, here's another button you can push that sums up our feelings on the subject.

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