Video of the Day: The Onion Mocks Jodie Foster's Quazi-Coming Out Speech


If you missed Jodie Foster's rambly, kinda coming out speech at the Golden Globes the other night, we suggest you skip it and just watch The Onion parody instead, which reports that Foster's speech is inspiring LGBT youth to come out to their parents in vague, confusing riddles, such as, "I just want to let you know that I'm here and I love who I love, and I'm not who you never thought I wasn't going to be."

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Foster's speech has also spawned an awareness campaign called The We Are All ... Single, Just Kidding, But Seriously, I Am ... Together, In This Room Project, which is sure to be a thriving endeavor on par with the Ryan Gosling meme franchise.

We were surprised to see the "Jodie Foster Comes Out" headlines, since we thought Foster came out years ago, specifically in 2007 when she referred to her clearly female partner Cydney Bernard at a Hollywood Reporter event.

But, we'll congratulate Foster just the same. Like we always say, coming out isn't a solitary event, but one that is repeated again and agin, just like the parody video should be repeated ad infinitum. Or, as Foster didn't put it: "Yes, I meant what I didn't say, but only kidding because you all already know who I am eons ago when I didn't say it."

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