The Top 10 Sex Toys from the Adult Novelty Expo

4. Best Prostate-Pleasing Toy

Circus Boy
Prostate Pleasing Toy

NS Novelties makes an array of sex toys, but the one I found most unique was the prostate enhancer. One portion inserts into the anus for prostate play while the rest of the toy cups the taint and balls, while vibrating. It boasts varying speeds, and offers men a way of experimenting in a safe, pleasurable way.

3. Most Intimidatingly Sized Toy

Circus Boy
Ox Ball Toys

Some say bigger is better. If this applies to you, allow me to introduce Ox Balls, the most intimidating toy maker. Originally marketed toward gay men, Ox Balls realized that several men and women enjoy a larger than average sex toy. The sizes range from "Beginner" to "Holy Shit." When you see these products, you understand why the sizing works that way.

Circus Boy
Ox Ball Toys for Men & Women

2. Tastiest Toy

Circus Boy
Masque Sexual Flavors, Kate Guilfoyle Cassidy holding up the clever packaging

Masque Sexual Flavors, Oral Sex Strips have likely saved many a relationship. Fellatio is a sore subject for many women, mainly due to the taste of semen. As a result, Masque created an array of flavored strips that change the taste in your mouth, thereby changing the way semen tastes during oral sex. Beyond the ingenious product, the packaging is beautiful and you have no idea what it is, if you were just to see it in someones home.

1. Best Psychedelic Toy Involving Tiny Boobs

Circus Boy
Glowing Light Up Psychedelic Booby doll

If you've been wanting an item that could represent a psychedelic experience, The Little Freak has you covered. This company makes fake vaginas and anuses that are unusually flexible. The products may seem small, but they have an enormous amount of give to them. What makes them psychedelic is the vibrating, light factor that accompanies the hole. As the man in the booth said to us: "Not only is she a centerpiece, at the end of the day, you can fuck it." Is there really anymore that needs to be said about that? It's a laser light show sexual experience.

Circus Boy
Glowing Stretchy Vibrating Booby Doll

Vanessa L. Pinto (aka Fleur De Lis SF) documented a year of her sex life on her blog Whatever You Desire. She also blogs for the Huffington Post and is a contributing writer with Whore! Magazine. She has a degree in political science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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