The Top 10 Sex Toys from the Adult Novelty Expo

7. Most Whimsical Toy

Rubber Duckie.jpg
Circus Boy
Big Teaze Toys Vibrating Rubber Duckie
The most whimsical award goes to Big Teaze toys. They offer an eclectic array of sex products ranging from vibrating rubber duckies (which is an ingenious way to have sex toys in your shower, with no one being the wiser) to The VerSpanken, a toy for males that simulates fellatio. From the texture to temperature and the pressure it offers, it is a toy meant to make the customer happy.

Vanessa L. Pinto
Tony Levine, CEO of Big Teaze Toys wearing the VerSpanken

6. Best Restraint Toy

Circus Boy
Handcuffs from The Black Room

Kink-inclined consumers will enjoy the offerings of The Black Room, a German fetish shop. Best corporal punishment toy definitely goes to this company. One of their specialties is handcuffs, but these are not your average kinky cuffs. The handcuffs that the Black Room offers are not for beginners. When I placed my hands into a pair, the owner slyly told me that they are used by German police. If you enjoy feeling confined, look no further!

Circus Boy
Locked in tight by The Black Room handcuffs

5. Most Customizable Toy

Circus Boy
The Legend Toys Doll

Most customizable toy goes to the makers of Mi Doll, by Legends Toys. For $5,900 you can create a sex doll to your liking. From her hair color, eye color, to more specific features, customers can have it made to their specifications. This doll is self-lubricating and warms to body temperature, offering the feel of a real woman.

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