The Top 10 Sex Toys from the Adult Novelty Expo

Vanessa L. Pinto
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There are many reasons to go the AVN Awards, otherwise known as "the porn awards." For me, the best part is the spectacle. You see, the award ceremony is just one night, but there is an entire week of spectator shopping that happens on top of it.

The ANE, otherwise known as the Adult Novelty Expo, is a sexual toy and product playground. Sexual enhancement product manufacturers from across the globe come to Las Vegas during ANE to peddle their wares. Here are the 10 most interesting and innovative products from the 2013 expo:

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10. Most Lifelike Vagina

Circus Boy
Soloflesh Before and After
The most lifelike vagina goes to Soloflesh, a warm water sex toy for men. Soloflesh is a vagina that you inflate. Before it is inflated, it resembles a large shell, but once you fill it with warm water, (or air if you are in a hurry) pleasure awaits you. I tested the product at the booth with my fingers, and was amazed at how realistic it felt.
Circus Boy
Testing the Soloflesh

9. Best Practical Toy
Circus Boy
Laying on the Liberator on top of the Sex Bed
The best practical sex product for women or men goes to the Liberator, hands down. Liberator designs furniture to enhance your sex life. They are exceptionally well-made, wedge type pieces that allow you to position your partner comfortably, with one option offering cuffs, if you are so inclined. To add another level of adventure, you can buy the bed the company makes. The bed is an elaborate hamster wheel-looking thing, but believe me when I tell you it adds to the experience. I placed myself on the Liberator cushions, while rocking on the bed and even with nothing sexual happening, I was very comfortable and amazed at how many things I could do with both the cushions and the bed.

8. Most Innovative Toy

Circus Boy
Checking out the Imtoy

The most innovative toy goes to Imtoy. Imtoy is the world's first vibrating masturbation product for men, utilizing an app that allows you to turn the fellatio you are watching into a realistic experience. When a man inserts his penis into the Imtoy, it connects wirelessly to an iPad or cell phone and mimics what is happening on the screen. Imtoy is fantasy mixed with technology and when I put my fingers where the penis was designed to go, I was impressed by what happened while inside.

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This sex bed is what I need, perfect for my partner on our hot actions! I can't wait to have this! Arrgg!


There's nothing quite like an inflatable, hair free vag to satisfy all your sexual needs!

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