San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20

4. Sutro Baths and Malted Shakes at Louis' Restaurant


This is hands-down the best and perhaps most unassuming viewpoint in the city. Louis' Restaurant has been around for decades, and has stood strong against bids from the city for a buy-out. When you arrive, ask for a table and the history books to check out tons of hilarious and incredible photos of San Franciscans circa 1924. Envy their bathing suits and learn about the history of the very spot in which you sit over a milkshake for two for $6 or a piece of pie for $5. Cash only. Afterwards, meander down into the Sutro Bath ruins and inspect the haunting remains for a sweet make-out spot (We recommend the cave).

3. Farmers Market and Flowers


On the off-chance you're not hungover and your date isn't an alcoholic, you may want to plan a Sunday morning get-together for some good, old-fashioned fun. Grab your canvas bags and bicycles and pedal down to the Ferry Building for the bountiful farmers market. A secret agenda may include inspecting the palate-pickiness level of your future paramour. If this date seems a little too commitment-minded for you, here's a pro-tip. Swing by the flower stand and score your date a blossom for their hair or lapel and be proud of yourself for your romancing abilities. When you get tired of staring at food or purchasing organic purple kale, watch the boats drift in and out of the bay until you can't resist macking on each other.

2. Cat's Corner Swing Dance Lesson and Dance Party


Since the dawn of man, dancers have been getting laid more than anyone else. Hot bodies sweating and writhing in tempo to loud, invasive music all combine to set the perfect stage for love and/or animal attraction. We need not list the movies that illustrate our point, correct? If you're not currently a dance aficionado, well, what better way to learn than with the very individual you'd love to be sweating on? $10 drop-in swing dancing lessons are hosted at the Savanna Jazz Club every Wednesday, followed by a dance party! It's a known fact that everybody falls for their dance partner. Just ask Jennifer Grey.

1. Cute Overload at the S.F. Zoo


Monkeys throwing poop, hippos splashing in the mud, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Plan your trip to catch the special events the zoo has going every day: The big cats' feedings will blow your mind and the penguin feeding is downright adorable. The San Francisco Zoo offers free admission on the first Wednesday of the month, and normal admission is still only $15 per person. If you really are struggling with getting all the way out to the Sunset, make your date watch this baby polar bear video first.

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