San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20

7. Bi-Rite and Dolores Park


Is your idea of romance standing in a line with 50 other cranky-ass folk as you shout compliments over the din to your date? Of course it isn't. That's why you're going to go to Bi-Rite Market, you silly goose. The market has the same exact stuff as the Creamery across the street, just faster and more convenient. Some flavors include Pumpkin (drool!), Brown Sugar with Ginger Caramel Swirl, and Ricanelas, which is cinnamon with snicker doodles! If those don't get you laid, we don't know what will. Grab a small pint of whatever mind-blowing magic your date chooses and waddle across the street to Dolores Park. Laugh at some hippies, coo at some puppies, and then curl up in the blankets you brought and soak in the magic of the city.

6. Multi-Tasker Dream Date at the BrainWash Cafe


Despite the fact that our biological clock is ticking and our illogical fear of dying alone is growing ever more insistent, we still have laundry to do. Whatever shall you choose? We say both! Grab your whites, colors, and quarters and tell your soon-to-be-impressed date to meet you at BrainWash Cafe for dinner, drinks, and detergent. If you arrive between 4 and 7 p.m., use your laundry discount to score a free beer (or cookie if that's more your style). Chow down on cheap eats that don't taste cheap and maybe even catch some live music. BrainWash provides a place to mingle, conversate, and launderate, all in one place.

5. Chinatown Haggling and the Buddha Lounge


No other neighborhood in the city feels quite like Chinatown: The lanterns hanging down over the crowded streets, the smells and sounds of cultures clashing, and a cacophony of vendors trying to snare unsuspecting tourists into perusing their large stock of multicolored kimonos. You and your date can purchase matching Buddha figurines for less than $5 from the nearest, or most persuasive, vendor and then head over to rub your bellies up against the Buddha Lounge for an intimate chat over cheap beers. Bring your last $20 and try to beat the bartender at dice. You just might get your money's worth.

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Dred Scott
Dred Scott

Awesome. Now just have to get a date.


People who write these kind of articles don't you really feel bored?

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