San Francisco's Top 10 Dates Under $20


Here's the thing about living in the city: You get what you pay for. Gorgeous views, international cuisine, indulgent liberalism, and adorable alleyways do not come cheap. Unfortunately for our wallets and genitals, dating tends to work the same way. Whether you're looking for love or simply trying to get your girlfriend out of her sweats, here are our recommendations for the best cheap dates in S.F. to seduce your luvah without breaking the bank (or coming off as a cheapskate).

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10. Bernal Hill Sunset with Nepalese Take Out


One of the best views of the city spreads out in all directions from little ol' Bernal Hill. While the hike might be a deterrence, and parking is not to be counted on, watching the sun set over the entire city with a sweetheart on your arm will make it all worthwhile. For munchies, stop in at Little Nepal for some exotic cuisine and finger foods. We'll bet five chicken momos that your date's never tried Nepalese food. Eat in and then head for the hike, or grab takeout to share once you get to the top. Oh, and bring coats. The wind up there can get a little crazy, but hey, it's just one more excuse to huddle closer to your honey bunny.

9. Glen Park Swing Search and Fish Tacos


In the magical, faraway land of Glen Park, you can fill your belly for under $5, pet other peoples' dogs willy nilly, and venture into the lush oasis that is Glen Canyon Park, a forest smack dab in the middle of the city. Not only are seemingly all of the citizens of this adorable neighborhood incredibly talented gardeners, but the trek from BART to the canyon is virtually flat. Beat that, Bernal. Grab a picnic lunch from La Corneta Taqueria -- seriously one $4 super taco is more than enough for one -- and head west to the canyon. If Mexican food causes unattractive digestive reactions in you, cross the street to Canyon Market for delish sandwiches and snacks. Once to the canyon, you can follow the marked paths for a beautiful scenic hike or you can venture into the wilderness, open your heart, think happy thoughts, and maybe, just maybe, you'll happen upon the secret rope swing... or a coyote.

8. Free Rock Climbing Classes


Let's face it, just about every single person on online dating sites is a rock climber. There's no way around it: If you want to get laid, you have to climb. So hop off your sofa and get your butt over to Lombardi Sports where on the first Thursday of the month, you can take advantage of the 25-ft indoor climbing wall, with lessons and equipment provided by the Outdoor Adventure Club. Get in a good workout and treat your date to a '90s sitcom-style adventure all for the of low, low price of zilch. Make sure you RSVP though, as space is limited.

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