Quentin Tarantino Calls the Castro His "Dream Movie Theater"

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Kevin Scanlon

Quentin Tarantino was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air last week, discussing his latest movie Django Unchained, which came out on Christmas day.

During the interview, Terry Gross asked Tarantino what his dream movie theater would be if he could design one. He said he'd rather take over an old one, and that his dream is our very own Castro Theatre

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The Castro was designated a Registered Landmark in 1977, but has been around since 1922. Designed by celebrated architect Timothy Pfleuger, the Castro is one of the few movie theaters in the U.S. from the '20s that's still around and in operation.

Tarantino is famous for films like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Jackie Brown, and he just bought a movie theater in L.A. which prompted Gross to ask him the following as her last interview question:


GROSS: ...What's your dream movie theater? Like, if you could design a movie theater from scratch what would it be?

TARANTINO: Oh, gosh. You know, I don't know if I'd really want to spend the money to build something from scratch.

GROSS: You don't have to spend the money. It's a dream movie theater. Don't worry about it.

TARANTINO: Yeah. But I would be more inclined to actually just take over some cool, more historical theater or something like that. I mean, I guess a dream movie theater for me would be if I owned The Castro.


TARANTINO: In San Francisco. That would be awesome. Yeah. To own the Castro would be cool.

GROSS: There's a great organ in there and -- yeah.

TARANTINO: That would be cool, to own the Castro. That would be my dream movie theater.

The Castro regularly features Tarantino films (It just did a Tarantino/Paul Thomas Anderson tribute not too long ago), so we can see the two being an excellent match for each other. 

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