The "Perfect Man" According to San Francisco Women


A little while ago, we told you what San Francisco's version of the "perfect woman" was (brown hair, blue eyes, with a master's degree, non-smoker, and has casual drinking habits). The website that conducted that study, dating-auction site, has done a similar survey with 3,352 of its female members, to determine what women are looking for in a sugar daddy mate, based on education, hair and eye color, build, and vices.

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"The perfect man" earns $200,000 to $300,000 a year, has a Graduate degree, has brown hair with green eyes, an athletic build, and is a casual drinker who doesn't smoke.

The most important quality in a man, according to the press release, is education, followed by being a non-smoker, income level, and then appearance. Percentages are based on the likelihood of a first date with each ideal attribute, and the breakdown is as follows:

The Perfect Man (percent chance for first date)

1.) Education (35 percent): Graduate Degree

2.) Smoking (28 percent): Non-Smoker

3.) Income (18 percent): $200,000 to $300,000

4.) Eye Color (10 percent): Green Eyes

5.) Body Type (5 percent): Athletic

6.) Hair Color (3 percent): Brown Hair

7.) Drinking (1 percent): Casual Drinker

Also of note is the fact that, in over 30 cities polled, San Francisco had the highest non-smoking priority of any city.

"In the online dating world, 'The Perfect Man' transcends superficial qualities such as looks and body type," says Brandon Wade, the CEO and Founder, in a press release. "Our study indicates that women look past profile pictures and also value certain intangibles when choosing a first date -- success, intelligence, and social habits."

There you have it. The next time someone tells you San Francisco's gold diggers are shallow, you can just point them to this study.

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Dax Energi
Dax Energi

"Income (18 percent): $200,000 to $300,000" ?? gold diggers ! lol. That was the old definition of rich people that Obama used in his campaign. Nah, actually I don't believe SF women are all gold diggers. Hippies, maybe. SF women are not any more gold-diggers than, say, all women are somewhat gold diggers. lol.

Ryan Wiederkehr
Ryan Wiederkehr

Shit. I am failing on that list. 3, 4, 5, 6... fuck.

Maria DeLorenzo
Maria DeLorenzo

I am just looking for a man in this town. They all look like boys to me.

John Lilly
John Lilly

But, did you get the *right* four, Josua?

Joshua Nelson
Joshua Nelson

I got 4 out of 7... I guess that rounds to slightly over average

Sheena Vasani
Sheena Vasani

i really hope men don't pay attention to this survey. it's the same kind of BS we women receive about the "perfect woman", &just as damaging and untrue. not to mention condescending - most of us aren't appearance-obsessed gold diggers, thank you very much.

Women who date are all gold diggers looking for sugar daddies? I think I'll take someone else's dating advice.

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