Meet Cheryl Shuman, the Martha Stewart of Marijuana

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She doesn't make pot-leaf doilies or anything (yet), but Cheryl Shuman, the self-proclaimed "Martha Stewart of Marijuana," is definitely bringing a more suburban mom image to our favorite herb. Shuman was recently on The Ricki Lake Show (which is still on?) talking about her struggles with ovarian cancer and her quest to make weed more adorable.

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We're not sure what exactly makes Shuman the Martha Stewart of pot, though she does show off a display of Etsy-esque cannabis oils, sleek electronic cigarettes, and prettily packaged edibles.

But really, Martha Stewart went to prison. Is Martha Stewart Martha-Stewart-enough for such comparisons anymore? We feel high just thinking about this. Shuman does emulate the Queen of Craftiness where it most counts though: She's a marketing bad-ass, who has worked with famous people like, oh, Michael Jackson, former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Steven Tyler.

And according to Johnny Green over at The Weed Blog, a reality TV show starring Shuman is in the works. For now the TV show is still a pipe dream, but, well, we expect it to be a hit.

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Cheryl Shuman is far more to Medical Marijuana than Martha Stewart ever was to homemaking. Ms. Shuman is bearing the truth of her experience so that others may find relief in medical cannabis.  No one but she produces her video blogs which in itself is a tremendous act of courage.  Thank you Cheryl!


Ms Shuman is such a dynamo for our cause...blessings for this wonderful outreach of vital education.


You go Cheryl!  Thank you for putting a successful face out there for Cannabis law reform!!

Thanks for all you do for so many!


Nice to see professional women publicizing the medical cannabis cause!

rickrozanski 1 Like

I discovered  Cheryl through a friend FB friend " MYKAYLA " a beautiful little angel girl with a serious disease process which is controled by ( poison ) chemo and ( healing ) Cannabis Oil. I was very impressed with Cheryl and her story that I had to contact her. First let me tell you I am not follower or fan of celebrities , people are just people to me , what impresses me is what people do for others and how it's done. Cheryl and I had communicated through FB and I found her to be grateful and thankful for her healing, considerate and compassionate, and a true believer and avtivist for a needed cause ( MEDICAL CANNABIS ). She sees and respects both sides of the picture with Cannabis ( medically and recreationally ) and first hand has experianced the power and neccesity of the OIL. I also have experianced the power of the Oil and as a proffesional nurse I support it 120% and anyone with any even slight intelligence , when researced with an open mind, would come to the same conclusion. Cheryl , in my mind and heart, is worthy of the responcibilities of a sincere CANNABIS ACTIVIST and she has proven to me nothing less than positive truth. I think the tag given to her as " MARTHA STEWART " is no where near appropriate for her description as I believe it should be ' THE ANGEL OF CANNABIS ". This is for you Cheryl with Heart and Love for being the word for all us activist and believers.

one_tulip 1 Like

I met @Cheryl Shuman  a while back and all I can say is she impressed me with her savvy  smarts, beauty and education on the positive of marijuana!  I never realized how important such a natural substance can heal a person in serious medical pain vs. the norm of taking medically prescribed drugs.  I was so amazed with her beauty inside and out hearing her personal life journey and courage!  I have to say she opened my eyes to a new light that I was not aware or educated in the natural healing and positive outcomes of marijuana use to medical hurting people.  I truly believe Cheryl is on the right path and support 100% and may God Bless her on this amazing journey! 

one_tulip 1 Like

I just posted comment and don't see it?

beachbum2397 1 Like

Thank You Cheryl For your story and all that you do.. I went from maybe to 100% Hemp Cures Cancer.. I hope soon I will get help (N.C.) I have a rare disease and live everyday in huge amounts of pain... Thank You For fighting for us..

jakhhere 1 Like

add. - 'alongside prominent Israeli, Spanish, German & East European Doctors and their preparations.

jakhhere 2 Like

Is Cannabis medicine? - Cannabis is medicine! - this contentious issue requires RESOLVING NOW!
If cannabis were not a medicine, WHY DOES THE US OF A, Government - have a patent on the cannabinoids - FOUND ONLY IN THE CANNABIS PLANT!

Nicholas Culpeper 1616 - 1654 - {17th Century Physician & Botanist} -
William O'Shaunessy 1808 - 1889 {Doctor, Fellow of the Royal Society} &
Sir Russell Reynolds - {Physician to Queen Victoria}

Dr Raphael Mechoulam -  Present       {Professor of Medical Chemistry)
Donald Abrahams MD  -  Present       {Professor of Clinical medicine}
Rick Simpson                 -  Present        {Phoenix Tears}

PHYSICAL - Cheryl Shuman - 
                       Steve Kubby
                       Tonya Davis
                       Mykayla Comstoc.

The value of the Cannabis/Hemp plant as medicine has it's first recorded Medical use with the Chinese in 2727 BC.
Nicholas Culpeper used Cannabis tinctures, as did William O'Shaughnessy and the 21st Century sees Rick Simpson exclaiming the powers of Cannabis Oil alongside prominent Israeli, Spanish, German, & East European Doctors.

Withholding Medical Treatment is tantamount to MURDER!  

Cheryl Shuman has experienced first hand the healing powers of the cannabis plant and it's derivatives - SHE IS A STAND OUT LADY and I am honoured to be counted amongst her thousands of  'Facebook'Friends'. Viva la Victorious!!! - beautiful lady - .

ginsburgitelli 1 Like

Cheryl is doing extremely important work by spreading the word in a very palpable way. For goodness sake, there's a cure for cancer out there for suffering children and adults, and the truth needs to be known. State by state we'll eventually overturn the DEA's irrational and cruel enforcement policy, and we'll free the weed for the world to again once have.

Cheryl Shuman
Cheryl Shuman

My favorite quote in the entire article: 

"We feel high just thinking about this. Shuman does emulate the Queen of Craftiness where it most counts though: She's a marketing bad-ass, who has worked with famous people like, oh, Michael Jackson, former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Steven Tyler."

sharpetinla 1 Like

Someone sounds like they have an ax to grind while not quite grinding it all the way down. What's up Anna? No very objective in tone at all.

Cheryl Shuman
Cheryl Shuman

Wow! Thanks Anna Pulley for writing this blog :) I'm thrilled and honored to even be mentioned with SF weekly :) I hope that you will stay in touch and follow our progress as we build the cannabis industry. Anyone wishing to get in touch with me can do so through my website or social networks on CherylShuman(.) c o m :)

Thanks again! :)

Cheryl Shuman

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