Bisexual Women Twice as Likely to Be Sexually Abused (Study)


In 2011, we found out that bisexual women tend to be more depressed and anxious than their straight counterparts, possibly due to bisexual stigma, researchers surmised. Now a new study shows that bisexual women are also more likely to be sexually and physically abused by their (often male) partners.

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The study [PDF] was conducted by the CDC in 2010, but released recently, and found that, of 9,970 women interviewed:

35 percent of straight women had experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by a partner at some point in their lives. But 43.8 percent of lesbian women had experienced one of the three, as had a full 61.1 percent of bisexual women.... 96.5 percent of [the women] identified as straight, 2.2 percent as bisexual, and 1.3 percent as lesbian.

In cases of abuse, 89.5 percent of partners were male.

Also noted in the study was the fact that nearly half of bisexual women (48.2 percent) reported that their first rape occurred between the ages of 11 and 17 years. For straight women, it was 28.3 percent.

Bisexual women are also more likely to be raped, regardless of whether they're partnered or not (46.1 percent, as opposed to 13.1 percent of lesbians and 14.7 percent of straights), and to report that domestic violence negatively impacted their lives, such as from missing work or experiencing PTSD symptoms.

Researchers did not attribute any causes to these shocking results, as it was beyond the scope of this one study, but it's probably safe to say that bisexual stigma alone is not going to cut it this time. 

The study concludes by calling for "a more comprehensive plan for violence prevention that includes LGB individuals is needed to address issues that include effective prevention efforts focused on intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and stalking."

[via Buzzfeed]

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