Toy Talk: New Start-Up Combines Siri and Teddy Ruxpin

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Spoiler alert, kids: Santa is not real. In the grander scheme of things, sure, Santa exists as some transcendental being binding us together in a flurry of holiday glee -- he's the guy that makes your parents wake up in the middle of the night to buy stuff that you're inevitably going to break. The commodity capitalist Santa, that hog forcing vertically challenged workers to churn out toys with speeds nearing human rights violations, that guy is a figment of our imaginations.

Our toys actually come from the efforts of ingenious, cutting-edge techies. One company in
particular, Toy Talk, has been gearing up to unveil a real whopper.

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This San Francisco-based family entertainment start-up is working on interactive, mobile experiences for kids. Headed by a former Pixar executive, the company has already raised $16 million with efforts put toward an interactive app dressed up with visual tracking, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence -- Think Siri meets Teddy Ruxpin (Those not old enough to remember cassette-powered teddy bears, we're crying for you.)

Toy Talk is under wraps this holiday season -- opening new windows of delicious information
daily on Facebook, as the calendar nears the company's launch in early 2013.

Still, with its promised trove of web-connected, character-driven, e-learning opportunities, Toy
Talk is certainly worth keeping on your radar.

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