This American Whore Podcast Seeks to Demystify Sex Work through Stories

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They say that stories are the best way to teach about the past, present and future. It's in the sharing that we grow to understand each other better with hopefully, respect and compassion. A new podcast in San Francisco, This American Whore, is attempting to use stories to educate people about sex work who are outside of the sex worker and kink communities. Siouxsie Q is the host and also a sex worker, ally, and advocate. The idea came to Q after listening to Kevin Smith's audio book, Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good, where he told his audience to speak up if you have something to say.

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"I am trying to create a platform for people in the sex industry to share their stories and share their voices, because I don't see it as much as I should. We all have blogs and Twitter, but there is not a huge representation of sex workers in mainstream culture and not a huge opportunity for them to speak and get there voices out there," Q said.

"Our first podcast was majorly about Prop 35 and Measure B. Other topics have included being a whore during the holidays, and what that means, as well as coming out to your family as a sex worker, and how hard that is."

Asked how she felt the passing of Prop 35 has changed the lives of sex workers so far, Q noted: "Well, it's a very scary time and I think were still waiting to see how Prop 35 is really going to affect everybody and how the ACLU lawsuit is going to do. It's a very scary time, but also a very opportune time for folks to talk about why Prop 35 is messed up and why it needs to be overturned."

Q has been a sex worker for three years now, and of the profession, she says, "I like being a sex worker because I am good at it, I have good access to my sexuality and it's fun and healthy for me. It gives me a lot of opportunities to be creative and be an artist. I have a flexible job that gives me a lot of money for a little bit of time."

Q says that her audience now is mainly those in the sex worker community, but hopes this will change: "I want the world to be my main audience because I think whores are important and what whores have to say is important."

Q's most recent podcast was Dec. 17, dedicated to International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, "to document the event and allow people a chance to speak about who they may have lost, and why December 17 is important. We lost two really important people in the sex work community this year, Robyn Few and Hollie Stevens. We have some things to mourn and I think it's a really important day for the Bay Area sex workers."

This American Whore will be tackling a variety of topics in the next few months, such as how to be a good partner to a sex worker, and with upcoming guests like Kitty Stryker and Carol Queen. Q hopes by humanizing a marginalized community, it will help to end oppression and ignorance. "The goal of the podcast is to expand the bubble that is San Francisco, by giving them a window into that bubble and hopefully change how people hear our voices."

Visit This American Whore to hear the podcasts and learn more.


Vanessa L. Pinto (aka Fleur De Lis SF) documented a year of her sex life on her blog Whatever You Desire. She also blogs for the Huffington Post and is a contributing writer with Whore! Magazine. She has a degree in political science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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@JessicaLand I wish stories of sex work were more prevalent in the GLBT and questioning community. More minority voices please in the media.

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