New Mural Seeks to Celebrate San Francisco's Thriving Sexual History and Culture

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Marilyn Roxie

Since the Gold Rush brought miners and sailors to our city, the disproportionate amount of men to women and their transient lifestyles fostered a sexually liberal environment that has bloomed for decades. The city's now got one of the highest number of sex workers per capita in both illegal and legal trades, necessitating a rich history of activism in sexual politics. For the city with at least a dozen annual occasions to don leather (or nothing at all) out on the streets, the Center for Sex and Culture is putting it all out there in a new mural celebrating S.F.'s sex-positive community and their achievements.

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We're lucky to share a fairly open discourse about our sexual fantasies and fetishes, celebrating our vivacious sexual culture with anything from community displays of public eroticism to free sex education. Still, sex workers are still considered part of the underbelly and mostly treated with little respect by the mainstream community, who often make light of sex workers' rights and vulnerability to violence. With that in mind, this mural serves not only to celebrate, but also to educate.

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Their group of artists includes Eddie Colla, Finley Corl, Amandalynn, Jeremy Novy, and Éclair Acuda Bandersnatch. The Center for Sex and Culture has an Offbeatr fundraiser going to help complete the project. Donate by Dec. 22 to see Grace Alley filled with artfully bodacious bodies that know their rights. The Grace Alley Mural project has reached about 45 percent of its goal as of this posting. Different pledge levels also receive rewards like a vintange porn magazine stash, books from CSC co-founder Carol Queen or basic CSC membership. Donate and check out the progress here!

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