San Francisco Is a Great Place to Live if You're a Man

Hannah Quevado
Look how happy they are!

Gentlemen, are you unhappy? Then you might consider moving to Boise, Idaho, which Men's Health recently ranked as the top place for men to live in its annual survey on health, happiness, and quality of life. Coming in second was San Jose, which was thrilled to be associated with something other than hockey and terrific boringness. And San Francisco ranked third.

Which cities should you avoid if you're of the Y-chromosome persuasion?

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Men's Health mined a dozen data sources for 38 different criteria, including obesity rates, air quality, unemployment, commuting times, cost of living, and ratio of single women to single men: "After all, what's a great town if you can't enjoy it with a great woman?" says the website.

Here are the best cities if you're a dude:

10. Portland, OR

9. Madison, WI

8. Salt Lake City, UT

7. Austin, TX

6. Burlington, VT

5. Seattle, WA

4. Plano, TX

3. San Francisco, CA

2. San Jose, CA

1. Boise, ID

Except for a few curve balls (hello, Plano, Texas!), it's nice to see the West Coast is keeping its reputation as the Best Coast.

Here are the worst cities if you're a dude:

91. Tulsa, OK

92. Detroit, MI

93. Columbia, SC

94. Cleveland, OH

95. Memphis, TN

96. St. Louis, MO

97. Toledo, OH

98. Charleston, WV

99. Philadelphia, PA

100. Birmingham, AL

There you have it, brahs. Just keep on avoiding the south and the grungy midwest like you have been since forever (unless you grew up there).

We don't imagine a list for ladies would look all that dissimilar to the one above, based on the criteria they chose. Except they'd probably replace commuting time with "proximity to Lady Footlocker." Ladies can't get enough of those butt-hottening walking shoes! 

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