Pipe Dreams: Art Goes to Pot (Literally)

a gram for $20

By Agnes Teesdale

What's true of both art and pot? Other than that neither is a career path your parents are likely to approve of? "Mount of Ash," an exhibition at pot dispensary San Francisco Patient and Resource Center attempts to combine San Francisco's two favorite pastimes by featuring artwork made from cannabis ash. "There are various ways of enjoyment, exhibiting the effect on regardless of methods and well blending with others," says the artist of the marijuana concept art show (if you read it while stoned the sentence might actually make sense).

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The exhibition features works "inspired with a word and a slang term of cannabis culture" (according to the artist's website), and "Papers are hand-crafted with a cannabis plant in Mendocino, California." The pieces are punny enough to make even non-smokers giggle, including: Pothead of a person in a Cheech and Chong shirt with a pot for a head, Roaches with an ashtray of the titular insect, and Stoned David of (can you guess?) Michelangelo's David smoking a j -- no leaf cod-piece required.

"Mount of Ash" is the work of San Francisco-based painter noa. The opening reception is at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13 (and continues through Jan. 3) at SPARC, 1256 Mission (at Eighth St.), S.F. While you don't have to be stoned to enjoy it, you do have to RSVP ahead of time with SPARC.

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