Five Trends that Need to Die in 2013


Ah, the end of the year. The holidays, the hustle, the bustle, the family gatherings -- and soon enough the ball will drop and then it's time for those pesky new year's resolutions. Most of us will resolve to exercise more, eat less, or quit smoking (really, you still haven't quit smoking?). But today at the Exhibitionist, we would like to recommend a few more things we can all do less in the coming year for the benefit of collective humanity.

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5. Gangnam Style

I get it. The tune is catchy and I'll make an exception for the little kid who shows up at 21 seconds, but this dance craze needs to go. Not only is it incredibly bad dancing, but I feel racist just watching it. The first time a dancer from Korea goes big here he's wearing a dorky suit and sticking his butt out while hopping up and down? Seriously? An unscientific survey of my Asian roommates and friends agree: time to change the channel. Korea produces some of the best street dancers in the world, so instead of reposting Gangnam style, check out this video of b-boys at the DMZ, hit up the R16 festival, or spend some time on Popping J's YouTube page.

4. Facebook Groups/LinkedIn Reminders

Humans crave attention, and there's almost no better way to feel loved online than logging in to Facebook and seeing all those little red reminders at the top of the page. But all too often this year, those reminders were just notifications that so-and-so posted in All Pointless Groups on Facebook. A moratorium is in order. We want to log in and know that our notifications mean something noteworthy happened. Not that Horace posted in My Birthday Bowling Extravaganza at Denny's! And while we're on the subject, can we just get rid of LinkedIn all together? We don't need another social networking tool, and if we did, it would be Google Plus. You can remind me that Fred Derf sent an invitation to join LinkedIn all you want, I'm still not joining.

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mrericsir topcommenter

So you're literally saying I shouldn't start a Facebook group to dance Gangnam Style across America against Prop 8?

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