The 20 Most Memorable Cosplay Costumes Involving Cleavage

boobs 1.jpeg
Christopher Morgan
20. "My eyes are up here, guys."

We'll be honest, we didn't know what cosplay was until we googled it just now. For those in the dark who are, like us, no doubt carving blog posts out of stone tablets, cosplay, "short for 'costume play,' is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea." We put together a slideshow of the best cosplay outfits of the entire year (Merry Christmas!), from comic book conventions, anime events, sci-fi shindigs, and more. Such representation helps to debunk the image of cosplay folks as pale, overweight men, shedding much-needed light on the outdated assumptions and stereotypes that plague our ... sorry, what? We couldn't hear you over all the boobs.

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A quick note: Yes, we're rolling our eyes at ourselves a little for the bro-tasticness of this post, but we also simply appreciate cleavage, and the artful, inventive ways people go about displaying it. Please don't rip up our NARAL card! We promise to also keep hollering about and documenting the pervasive sexism that exists in the world.

boobs 4.jpeg
Nate "Igor" Smith

19. Did you go to the Celebration of Craftswomen a little while back? If not go read our interview with the filmmaker who did Wonder Women! It's a fascinating look at the iconic superhero that this lovely lady is representing. Plus, did you know almost all female superheroes die? Riddle us that, Batman. And stop staring at us like that.

boobs 5.jpeg
Christopher Morgan

18. We don't know who this gal is supposed to be, but much like the object she's holding, we are a big fan.

boobs 7.jpeg
Sam Horine

17. We don't really understand the cultural boner over zombies (or when it's going to end), but for the record, we're fine with zombies in bikini-clad mermaid form.

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