"Lynchian Pop" Duo, The Silent Drape Runners, Remix Twin Peaks

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Music has always been an integral part of the Twin Peaks experience. Not only was I one of the few people who saw Fire Walk with Me in the theater (four times), I bought the soundtrack CD before I ever saw the movie -- I just knew it was going to be good, and it was. "Moving Through Time" is still the most beautiful piece of music ever recorded, and I'll accept no dissent on the matter.

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Unsurprisingly, Twin Peaks has been a major influence on more than a few musicians since then, from obvious ones like Marilyn Manson's ("Wrapped in Plastic") and Anthrax's ("Black Lodge") to less obvious ones like the ambient duo Stars of the Lid's ("Music for Twin Peaks Episode #30"), and this past August, the Weekly's 2005 Best Audio and Visual Collagist KrOB did a three-hour tribute to the 20th anniversary of Fire Walk with Me on his Radio Valencia show.

But what if you take all the sound away from Twin Peaks and put something else over the visuals? Is it sacrilege, or is it brilliant? The Brooklyn-based "Lynchian Pop" duo Silent Drape Runners are finding out.

Friday, Nov. 16 at the Vortex Room, the Silent Drape Runners (greased cotton balls!) present their show "Twin Peaks: The Beginning," in which they put a live mix of remixes, familiar songs, live vocals, noise, and other things over a subtitled video of the first episode, "set adrift in an entirely new sonic landscape." And, judging from this video of a performance from earlier this year, it falls squarely into the "brilliant" category.

Hopefully this event will go well, and they'll bring their amazing-looking show MAGICK: A Ritual for Bob to San Francisco as well. For more information, visit their Facebook event page.


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