RuPaul's Drag Race Finally Gets an S.F. Queen: Meet Honey Mahogany

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Because San Francisco has such a vibrant rich history of drag culture, many of us have been pondering the impossible question: Why the hell hasn't an S.F. queen appeared on any of the four seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race?

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One theory was that S.F. queens are just too artsy and genderqueer for TV, but that theory doesn't seem to hold water when looking at my personal favorite reigning queen, Sharon Needles. It's pretty hard to outdo that level of blood-and-guts Halloween chic, so the issue has to either be driven by practicality (most TV is shot in L.A. or N.Y.), or personal (there's a rumor that Ru has a long-standing beef with S.F.)

While the idea of an East Coast-West Coast drag rivalry is fun to think about for a half-second, what's more exciting is that the dearth of S.F. queens is finally over. Announcing Honey Mahogany: the first San Francisco queen to grace the fierce competition that is RuPaul's Drag Race.

Honey Mahogany got her name from the two shades of Revlon foundation that most closely matched her skin tone (love it), and doesn't need to lip synch because the lady's got real pipes. In summing herself up on the contestant preview, she says, "I am basically the gayest person alive because by day I'm a social worker and by night I'm Honey Mahogany." Social worker by day? Glamour girl by night? San Francisco represent.

Honey's got some holiday gigs coming up in S.F. -- follow her here. Otherwise you'll have to tune in as she tries to impress Ru and to "not fuck it up."

We've got your back, Honey.

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