The "Perfect Woman" According to San Francisco Men

"Put your money where your mouth is!"

The barely disguised brothel dating-auction website, whom you may remember from that time they tried to turn the Dark Knight massacre into a PR opportunity, is back and eager to tell us what kind of prostitute woman is most pleasing to San Francisco men ... or at least the kind of men that would pay for the privilege of dating said woman. Turns out the "perfect woman" is a brunette, with blue eyes, and a Master's degree, and that she would cost $255.52.

Our sister blog the Snitch has the breakdown on this most pressing of news stories:

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The website was able to concoct this perfect gal by utilizing its "bid for first dates" model, which determines the amount of money San Francisco men have spent to date the most desirable women. What we learned is that San Francisco men are willing to shell out:
  • $140.54 for a date with a brunette
  • $136.25 for blondes
  • $19.60 for social drinkers
  • $12.82 for non-drinkers
  • $43.79 for a woman with blue eyes
  • $37.08 for a woman with brown eyes
  • $16.28 for a non-smoker
  • $2.70 for a regular smoker
There you have it folks. It's what I suspected all along. Margaret Thatcher is the perfect woman.
Margaret Thatcher Foundation
Thatch her if you can!
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