Louis C.K.'s S.F. Shows Sold Out: Watch these Five Uncomfortably Funny Videos Instead

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Louis C.K. accepts the Person of the Year Award.

Unless you had great pre-planning foresight over the summer, you're probably not holding a ticket to one of the four sold out shows that Louis C.K. performed yesterday or is performing tonight at Davies Symphony Hall. After all, the man has grown into far more than just a comedic hero in recent times as he's cut out the corporate middleman to bring his fans cheaper tickets sales and special downloads; he's now piqued the interest of those who study economics.

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But they may not like what they hear when they actually delve into his deeply offensive material. He says a lot of stuff that makes people uncomfortable to laugh about, particularly with other people around. But since you're not going to the show anyway, you can take in some of these scandalous thoughts in the comfort of your own guffaw.

5. Suck a Bag of Dicks

Louis C.K. ponders the methodology of such an insult, which he learned while rudely cutting off another driver one day. Should he suck around the bag, or take on each member individually? And must he make each one come?

4. Opiate Suppositories

After seemingly pushing the line with talk of proving one's gastrointestinal woes to get a break from child-rearing, he makes Conan O'Brien ridiculously uncomfortable when describing the internal conflicts involved in receiving extreme anal pleasure.

3. Faggot

This will never win any activist thumbs ups, but he actually sounds kinda sincere when lamenting on how he can't use one of his childhood staple words now that he knows the deeper context.

2. Rape

His astonishment at a date gone totally awry is undeniably funny even as its principle subject matter is not. Classic C.K.

1. Being White

The most succinct example of Louis C.K.'s consummate wrongness is right here in this cringe-worthy Caucasian clip. White is not right.

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