Get an Inside Look at the Armory's Porn Studio Sets

The word "porn" can make you think a lot of things, most of which you might not be interested in discussing with your boss/professor/mom/grandma. California and New Hampshire are the only two states that legally allow adult films to be produced, and currently an estimated 90 percent of U.S. porn films are made in the suburban San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, the nation's porn capital. But believe it or not, many films are made right here in SF, at the historic San Francisco Armory.

Recently, California Home + Design posted a slideshow of an inside look into some of the intimate settings where the magic happens inside the Armory, currently owned and operated by (DISCLAIMER: NSFW), who specialize in films of the hardcore to extremely hardcore variety. We thought this was pretty entertaining, so here's a couple of our personal favorite studio scenes. Just use your imagination...


The "sci-fi" set. Possibly Star Wars or Matrix influenced?


"The Abattoir", modeled after a slaughterhouse. Sketchy.


"The Padded Cell". Bouncing off the walls might be fun, but that stain on the floor...


The "Hogtied Set." A re-purposed medieval torture instrument. Looks comfy.


The Drill Court. When the National Guard used the building (they vacated it in 1977), this large court was where the guardsmen would practice their drills. There are plans for it to be transformed into a community center for plays and performances.

Feel like checking out the building and some of these sets yourself? Book a tour and "Go behind the scenes of the largest porn studio in the world and learn how brings you their unique brand of content." With the passing of a recent law requiring porn stars to wear condoms in Los Angeles County, the Armory might soon see a surge of new clients.


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