San Francisco Time Lapse in 30,000 Photos (Video)

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San Francisco often acts as a muse to artists, who draw on the city's charms, architecture, and WTFness to inform their work. Artist Liz Hickok once rendered S.F. in Jell-O; Zhan Wang sculpted a rendition of our fairy city using kitchenware; and others, like the artists-in-residence at Recology, turn our trash into treasure by creating art found from the city's landfills.

There are also those who go the more traditional route, like Jeremy Williams recent stop animation video of San Francisco's many splendors.

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Williams took 30,000 photos over a 10 month period, capturing everything he loves about San Francisco. This two-minute time lapse took 750 hours of rendering, and generated 62 tilt shift sequences.

You'll notice the usual suspects, the cable cars, Market Street, the Bay Bridge, and what is either a flash mob or people doing yoga in the park. The Fourth of July fireworks shots over the GGB are truly stunning, though we do have some questions about what appears to be quite a few shots of people stuck in traffic. Part of S.F. life? Of course. Part of "what we love" about the city? Not so much. Either way, take a few moments out of your day to gawk at the beauty that surrounds us.

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