Gay People Love Vodka (Infographic)

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Today, in news that both shocks and delights us, (no, it's not calming manatees again) comes an infographic from Target 10 on the eating, drinking, and nightlife habits of queers in comparison to straight men and women. Here are some of the highlights.

Queer people drink every kind of liquor (from cordials to sparkling wines to whiskey) more than their straight counterparts, except when it comes to beer (straight men drank beer 61 percent of the time, lesbians 59 percent, gay men 43 percent, and straight women only when watching Bravo. Just kidding, it's actually 34 percent). Also learned: The stereotype is true, lesbians do really love beer more than any other adult beverage (59 percent), followed by wine (51 percent), and then vodka (44 percent). For gay men, the top three beverages of choice were wine (47 percent), vodka (45 percent), and then beer (43 percent).

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Before you raise your glasses, there's this: "Not only are gays and lesbians more likely to consume certain types of alcohol, they're also likely to consume larger volumes of that type of alcohol." While this might seem slightly worrisome, remember that the Stonewall Riots -- the beginning of the modern gay rights movement -- started in a bar. So clearly we're continuing the activist tradition. This is also our favorite part of the press e-mail: "October 4th marks National Vodka Day, perhaps increasing the relevance of this content to your readership." Just what are you implying?

Despite what drunks we are, in the past 12 months, only four out of 10 gays and three out of 10 lesbians have been to a nightclub/bar/dancing. That seems low, doesn't it? For a year? Still, it's more than straight men and women, who average two out of 10. We also attend more concerts, and here's the joke you've all been waiting for ... lesbians eat out more often than any other demographic.

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Also in the eating arena, gays are more likely to try foreign foods, and we "prefer food that is presented as an art form," which is too gay a statement not to be true. When it comes to buying organic, lesbians win at 44 percent, followed by straight women at 38 percent.

So there you have it, folks. Enjoy National Vodka Day, but not too much because we're pretty sure that National Bad Decisions Leading To Crippling Malaise Day follows soon after.

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