The Internet Makes Everything Better: Happy Magic Sparklesauce Link Roundup


It's been a sort of sucktacular week, hasn't it? The Museum of Craft and Folk Art is closing for good in December, after 30 years, and what will we do with our VHS tapes now? The Purple Onion, famed comedy club that's been around for almost 60 years, had its final performance last week.

Two trailblazing members of the alt-sex and sex worker communities passed away recently, Robyn Few from cancer and Bill Brent from suicide. And on top of all that, now we are masochistically monitoring all the homophobic tweets in existence, thanks to this website.

But we aren't here to be Debbie Downers. We are a resilient people -- we live in San Francisco, so we have to be. With that in mind, here are some feel-good links, both news-worthy and totally random, to help make your Tuesday and beyond a little more bearable.

Calming Manatees

Because we all need positive reinforcement and encouragement ... from manatees. Has there ever been a more gentle creature than the cows of the sea? No there has not. Calming Manatees is the new "Hang in there baby" kitten poster, in our opinion.

We're No. 1!

patriotic dude.jpg

Businessweek voted San Francisco the best city in America last week based on how smart we are, the number of parks we have, our kickass sports teams, etc. We know we rock, but it's nice to have outside validation sometimes too, and not in the form of tourist mobs.

Best Movie Death Scene of All Time

We could watch this guy die all day and still be entertained. It's from the Turkish movie Kareteci Kız 1973, and we guarantee this 1:08 minute clip will not disappoint.

Hip Hop Feminist B. Dolan
A cis dude who's fighting for trans woman CeCe McDonald through hip hop! What's not to love? Read our interview with him and check out the video:

Hilarious Amazon reviews of sexist products

We normally wouldn't give a second glance to the BIC For Her Fashion Retractable Ball Pen because, well, it's patently stupid, and we like our pens BUTCH, if you know what we mean. But then we started reading the reviews, and they're hysterical. Here's one:

After having gifted this precious item to my love and seeing her properly drawing unicorns and fairies for the first time (previously you see, it was as if the other pens--my pens--would take over and draw muscular mutated beasts with great big fangs and saddles loaded with projectiles and an assortment of cutlery not suitable for any kitchen work!), I thought to myself, maybe she's born with it? maybe it's BIC!
Another reviewer had this to say:

"Wife", I said, "If you could have one new fashion accessory to go with your Snooki's Sultry Hobo Handbag what would it be?" Finally, her dreams can be realized. I'll have to teach her how to use a pen safely but it will be worth the effort once she starts earning big bucks addressing envelopes at home.

There are many more gems like those. Read at your leisure.

Happy Tuesday, folks. Let us know what's making you happy in the comments.

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