10 Funny Halloween Costumes -- for Pets

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While we're sure you're super busy getting together your Sexy Bert and Ernie costume for this week, don't forget about your pups -- after all, in our experience, San Francisco pets love to join us on our nightlife escapades, and Halloween is no different. Every other day might be a Gaga day, but here are some other canine and kitty costume ideas from Petco to mix it up for the the city's favorite holiday. Wonder what Boo's gonna wear?

10. Orange you glad

Dressing your dog as a hot dog? Yawn. So mid-90s. We far prefer this banana costume, which is both less obvious and has greater conversational potential -- not to mention potassium! What San Franciscan doesn't want an excuse to talk to you about their latest smoothie detox? None.

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9. Aint Lion

doggie lion.jpg

Rapper Snoop Dogg recently changed his name to Snoop Lion. While we don't recommend this kind of mid-career identity change for your pet, this costume at least will have cultural relevance. This compliant guy seems to have been pretty ready to pose for this photo, but Petco tells us not all pets are. In preparation for its Howloween "Make a Scene" Photo Contest, they sent us a few tips on pet photography.

8. Mermaid Royalty?

doggie mermaid.jpg

They advise that you let your pet get used to the costume, choose the right location, and of course, take personality into consideration:

"Some pets are shy, some are divas and others are bad to the bone. Letting a pet's personality shine in photos is a must. For Halloween, first decide what costume best suits them. Perhaps the pet is the 'king of the jungle' and would look best in a lion's mane or maybe they prefer an underwater adventure as a sparkly mermaid."

7. Dour Mermaid

kitty mermaid.jpg

My cats usually aren't usually too enthused to go on "underwater adventures," but this kitty costume looks too sexy to pass up.

6. Slutty Hula Cat?

Similarly, kitty probably won't mind walking on her hind legs all night to show off this number:


That's right, your pets can be just as slutty as you!

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