Balboa Park Gets a Makeover, and a Skate Park

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Jamie McKenzie
Recently the Balboa Park community came out in droves to celebrate the fruits of its labor: the overhaul of the Balboa Park playground, soccer field, and everything in between. The project has been underway for a little under a year and the work and contributions of the community have finally paid off.
Jamie McKenzie
The park still has that "new park" smell, whatever that means, and is still undergoing some changes, but for the most part, it is stunningly green and clean and ready for play.
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Jamie McKenzie
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Jamie McKenzie

The community celebrated with cultural dancing, free food, and tons of games and activities for parents and kids alike. One of the features of the Balboa renovation, the brand new skate park, reflects the interests of the population of young parents in the area who are eager to teach their wobbly young'uns the craft of skateboarding, a passion they wish to pass on to the next generation. A skate park for toddlers! What other city has that?

Jennifer Isacoff, Director of Parks to the People, commented on how incredibly helpful the Balboa Park community was during the few years it took to get the project underway, saying, "People really wanted this to happen." She also added that folks even offered to write grants to aid in the park's renovation, which as we all know, is awful, soul-sucking work.

The turnout of the Balboa community, their efforts and enthusiasm, and the wonderful dances that took place were surprisingly moving. Community is king in a big city, and San Francisco knows how to get it done. Balboa Park should be proud. For more info, and to hear about the other awesome S.F. park re-haul projects in store visit

The Balboa Park community was actively involved in the renovation.

We caught a beautiful dance performance while we were there, complete with horns blowing, huge feathered headdresses, and shelled ankle bracelets. Highlights to watch for: A super hot, almost naked male dancer, amazingly timed seagull cry (no, we did not add it in!), and an adorable, clueless little girl trying to dance along. Enjoy!

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